fbpx The Crafts District | Amman Design Week

Reimagining cultural heritage for a contemporary world.

As the most popular exhibition at Amman Design Week, the Crafts District is a celebration of the act of making; both traditional and contemporary. Taking place in a new location each year, this pop-up experience combines design installations, exhibitions, shops, and cultural programs that offer craftspeople and makers from across the country a chance to share their ideas and stories. 

From weaving and embroidery to ceramics and pottery, craftspeople have kept their methods, traditions and aesthetic values alive, offering us a strong link to our national and cultural heritage. As the pioneers of design and making, craftspeople have informed the vernacular of design in Jordan, and continue to inspire contemporary design practices today.

The Crafts District seeks to showcase original work that revives, is derived from, or is otherwise rooted in heritage-based practice and technique, but also work that demonstrates innovation in form, material, or adaptation to contemporary culture and use. At the Crafts District, we are as much interested in process as we are in final product.

Every object we craft carries stories about the way in which we manipulate material and our surrounding landscape, how we respond to our environment, and what we choose to produce and consume in our daily lives. Craft carries a significance in narrating our culture, and defining who we are and what we value in our modern world. 

Kabariti Village
Jabal Amman