fbpx What is Hirfa? | Amman Design Week

Arini moderates a discussion with participants from the crafts district; Ruba Asi and Zeina Barto. The discussion that engages with the Arabic word Hirfa (حِرْفَة) from several perspectives: as handicraft, as practice, as a source of livelihood and finally as a change of conditions.

About Arini

Founded in 2011, Arini is a research and design office that works at the intersection of scholarly research with a focus on design activism, architectural pedagogy, and the predicaments of urbanization and the built environment in Jordan. Their research is developed using anthropological, sociological and humanitarian interdisciplinary methods and is explored through various mediums, from workshops and design and curatorial projects to publications. Arini participated with installations in previous editions of Amman Design Week, and is curating, designing, and producing the 2019 Crafts District.


Amman Design Week Stage
Al Hussein Cultural Center, Ras El Ain