About the Exhibition and Talk

A discussion about urban farming. It will include an introduction to the philosophy behind rooftop farming, its benefits and values for communities and the environment. It will offer an insight in the vision and goals of the organization "Greening the Camps" that

has constructed a prototype in collaboration with Jadal for Knowledge and Culture on Jadal's rooftop. The discussion is followed by a visit to the rooftop farm. 

About Greening the Camps

Greening the Camps is a non-profit organisation that designs, develops, builds and maintains rooftop gardens in Palestinian refugee camps. The project is driven by a passion for environment and earthcare, and an understanding of urban design and its toolsets. Through reconnecting displaced communities with food production from urban agricultural practices, Greening the Camps creates opportunities for local empowerment and economic development. Their first experimental farm is finished on the rooftop of Jadal for Knowledge and Culture and they are working on a second farm in Jerash Camp.

About Jadal for Knowledge and Culture

Jadal is an open space for cultural activities and knowledge sharing. The project aims to encourage creativity, innovation and collective activities that benefit the community. Jadal  also creates a space for self-exploration, questioning, sharing skills and experiences, critical discussions, reflection and artistic expression. Situated in one of Jabal Al Lweibdeh’s historic houses, on the Kalha stairs, the space features a  yard, reading area, gallery and classrooms.

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Jadal for Knowledge and Culture
Jabal Al Lweibdeh