fbpx Textile Innovation Lab III: Weaving with Esna Su | Amman Design Week
10 October 2019
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Weaving expert Esna Su will share her weaving skills, which her “The Refugee” collection was centered around. The weaving skill was inspired by the traditional carpet making technique called “Hasir”, which Su translated into her own language. This workshop is a great opportunity for people who are interested in exploring contemporary craft as well as improving their weaving skills. The technique involves rapid movements of hands to create flat or 3D forms with unusual materials. Each participant will use their own small wooden board to begin with, which will allow you to add different materials of your choice as you weave.

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This event is sponsored by the British Council.

About Esna Su

Central Saint Martin’s graduate Esna Su is a jewellery artist, originating from Antioch, Turkey and lives in London. Hospital Club 100 award winner Su, has completed her residency at Sarabande Foundation: Established by Lee Alexander McQueen, where she designed her collection. Su exhibited in South Korea, China, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Hunger TV, Evening Standard, ES Magazine, Crafts and BONE Magazines.


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