fbpx Tabletop Design | Amman Design Week
9 October 2019
Event Type
25 JOD

Fifteen participants will be invited to learn how to produce unique tabletops in a very cost-effective manner, using regular household items and upcycled goods in creative ways. The participants will then be allowed to invite six guests to enjoy a meal at their table at Shams El Balad. Please note that the dinner is not included in the fee.

Register by emailing: maha@shamsamman.com

Maha Dahmash

Shams began with the innovation of its founder, Maha Dahmash. As Shams expanded, Maha saw the opportunity to grow into the adjacencies of garden plants, floral arrangements, and flower services, forging her name as one of Amman’s highest quality florists.

About Shams Amman

Shams is a lifestyle design company, inspired by the city it lives in and the people that comprise it. We always look to dig deeper into the wealth of forgotten knowledge and abandoned spaces, seeking ways to revitalize and regenerate them. Shams is about relentlessly searching for innovative, sustainable and accessible design in decor, events, food, flowers, gardens, and heritage.

Address: 69 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
Contact: 0799085408

Shams Amman
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