fbpx Shapes of Water | Amman Design Week
4 - 12 October 2019
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Shapes of Water is an international design project led by architect Silvana Annicchiarico, and promoted by Triennale Design Museum and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Water governance and its use have always been issues of planning interest. However, since water-to-drink is perceived as a limited resource, it has become more and more a matter of design – precious as a commodity, business element – and a status of quality. The scarcity of water and the attempts to promote an increasingly rational use of this resource is an extremely important issue for Jordan.

About Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

In 1980, the Royal Society of Fine Arts founded the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The Gallery has the largest collection of artworks by contemporary artists from the developing world and is considered a major art museum in the Middle East, with a mixed-media collection of over 2,800 works by over 1000 artists, primarily from Asia and Africa. 

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