fbpx Prototype 1 | Amman Design Week
1 - 9 September 2016
Event Type
Independent Space

About the Exhibition

Studio Turbo presents works-in-process by two of their current collaborators. 

Sahel Al Hiyari invites viewers to experience the first prototype of a series of furniture pieces, and the potential of looking at them as creative forms rather than finished objects.

Laith Demashqieh presents a series of continuously reworked drawings made over the years. The series constantly builds on itself and draws from earlier experiences and production. 

The exhibition presents these works not only as a snapshot of the creative process, but also as a celebration of the free development of our imagination and the joy of making. 

About Turbo

Turbo is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by designers Saeed Abu-Jaber and Mothanna Hussein. Located in downtown Amman, the space was designed by architect Sahel Al Hiyari and functions both as an office space and a gallery space.

Adw Innernew Turbo
Laith Demashqieh and Sahel Al Hiyari
Downtown Amman