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11 October 2019
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Stemming from a deep interest in process and the handmade, we are on a journey to investigate the wide world of printmaking. We would like to invite participants to join us on an exploration of printing methods used to create a spectrum of products. How does a lino-cut look on cotton? What are the engraving tools and techniques used to carve wood? How does silkscreen work and how are these methods different in color and result? Through this workshop, we will attempt to collaboratively answer these questions in an intimate and interactive setting. Utilizing illustration and playing with lines, textures, and fabrics, participants will be introduced to the basics of printmaking and given the space to experiment with materials using a non-formal process.

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About Basbous

Basbous is a creative duo comprised of Tala Abdulhadi and Yasmine Alnabulsi. It is a collaboration to create items incorporating art and design. Basbous channels their passion for creative experimentation through a process infused with Iranian and flower tea. They aim to target self-love, inclusivity, resilience, creativity, and body positivity.

IG: @yasminealnabulsi
IG: @catladydoodles


Kabariti Village
Jabal Amman