fbpx The Possibilities of Reprocessing | Amman Design Week
6 - 10, 12 October 2019
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From hundreds of pieces of discarded rubber, plastic, wood waste, aluminum, paper, and fabric, the possibilities of aesthetics and application could be found where it does not usually belong, and in ways least expected. In an attempt to build a pathway to sustainable future examples, and with the imagination of our artists, designers, and creatives, this exhibition will showcase the results of recycling workshops by Brazilian artist Lily Luz. Renowned Iraqi artist Waleed Qaisi will display his unique sculptures that are molded entirely from scrap. The show will also include the works of architect, musician, and visual artist Laith Alessi, as well as Nut & Ptah, who will be playing on the concept of upcycling and recycling from a human perspective, merging recycling and fashion, with a piece called Spiritual Upcycling. The fun and upbeat works of artist Maha Gharaibeh, who incorporates available discarded materials and old furniture pieces will also be on display.

Opening 6 October 
6 - 9 pm

About The Corner Art Space

The Corner is a neoteric and an animated Amman-based art space which holds exhibitions, talks, lectures, workshops, and art salons. Since its launch in September 2018, The Corner’s aim is to create an environment for both art enthusiasts and young creatives alike, looking for a space to sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee, while simultaneously being surrounded by captivating art. The Corner embraces the opportunities to jointly work with other local galleries; showcasing their art and supporting their artists. The space also aims at being a hub for both established and renowned independent artists, as well as young and upcoming talents alike. Located in The Valley at Campbell Gray Living’s retail area at the new and bustling Abdali, The Corner will be surrounded by shops, restaurants, and exciting venues, making it a multi-faceted and exciting artistic venue.

Address: Campbell Gray Living, 22 Al Istethmar St., Abdali
Contact: 0775108880
Website: https://www.campbellgrayhotels.com/campbell-gray-living-amman/thecorner/

The Corner Art Space