About the Exhibition

As of 2017, Jordan still does not have a nationwide household recycling program. The practice has largely been carried out by informal collectors, who sift through dumpsters and landfill sites. This exhibition, designed by Khaled Homsi, aims to highlight the large amount of waste created on a daily basis throughout the country, and seeks to create awareness about the importance of properly recycling, reusing, and disposing of waste. The exhibition serves as a platform to raise awareness and mobilize individuals to become instrumental in the issue of Jordan’s waste problem. The exhibition was established under the umbrella of the Green Generation Foundation, and supported financially with a grant from the Ford Company.

Design and implementation: Khaled Homsi

Concept and idea: Amal Jamil Madanat

About Amal Jamil Madanat

Amal Jamil Madanat is a social and environmental activist. In 2012, she founded the Towards Zero Waste Initiative at the Dahiyat al Hussein School in Amman. Amal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and has worked extensively in the development of local underprivileged communities. She has a vision that schools in Jordan can become centers for teaching students and local communities about waste management and recycling based on the 5R’s notion of redesign, reduce consumption, reuse, repair and recycle. Amal believes that design is an essential tool to materialize any concept and is the tool for change. She has designed and established a project for a permanent waste exhibition at a local school which highlights the environmental challenges related to waste, and how to change our culture and behavior towards the environment.

About Aida Alrar

Aida Arar is the school principal of Dahiyat al Hussein elementary Co-ed School. Having graduated from Yarmouk University in Irbid in 1984, she has worked as a teacher for eight years in Jordan, and 16 years in the UAE. 

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