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Noor Al-Dabbagh will be holding a public talk where she will be highlighting the role a curator and creatives can play in creating a public conversation in a changing social context‭, ‬and offers a glimpse into how the use of public space in Saudi Arabia is currently shifting‭. ‬This talk includes a screening‭ ‬of a short film behind the scenes of a contemporary art exhibition in Jeddah‭. ‬It reflects on how creative practice is evolving today‭, ‬impacting the experience of public space in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region‭.‬

This talk is part of the public program running alongside the "Intro to curating contemporary design" course, sponsored by the British Council and with the support of Careem.

About Noor Al Dabbagh

Noor Al-Dabbagh is head of the Council for Visual Arts at the newly formed General Culture Authority in Saudi Arabia‭. ‬She founded Banafsajeel in 2014‭, ‬a curatorial platform supporting artists and designers and contributing to creative movements in the Gulf‭ ‬region‭. ‬Before then‭, ‬Noor was an executive manager at Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation for four years‭, ‬heading the intercultural projects department‭. ‬The Foundation supported not-for-profit organisations that promote intercultural understanding through educational and creative means‭, ‬including sponsoring the construction of the Islamic Arts Hall in the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2012‭.‬‭ ‬Noor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Environmental Studies with honors from Harvard College‭, ‬and a Master’s Degree in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London with distinction‭.‬

Noor al Dabbagh
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