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6 September 2016
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NE+AR is a bridge building initiative between The Netherlands and the Arab world. They believe that while it is common to anchor oneself in local initiatives and people, innovative technologies help us connect with like-minded individuals and organizations all over the world. As a creative and open-minded discipline, design build bridges between countries, cultures and societies, and acts as a trigger for people and organizations to work across cultures and learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences. NE+AR shares this knowledge and perspective, exploring added local value, as well as creating a network of like-minded designers working on multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural projects.

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Dennis Meulenbroeks is the founder and director of T+LOCAL. As a social entrepreneur with an Industrial Design background, he researches and develops new approaches and strategies for social design. Working together with a strong team of designers T+LOCAL uses design strategies to produce innovative solutions that are from a user point of view, and co-created. With over 10 years experience T+LOCAL has become a leading design organisation in the social field.

  • Facebook: NE+AR @NEARdesign
  • Instagram: @near_design
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Dennis Meulenbroeks - Founder, T+Local
Jordan Museum
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