fbpx Materials of the Levant | Amman Design Week
6 - 7, 12 October 2019
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This year at the Craft District, we focus on the journeys of materials by following how each matter is transformed from its raw state to a composite through processes of aggregation to objects through the labor of craft. The histories of crafts and the abundance of materials in the Levant have continuously acted as resources and depositories generative of creative and imaginative crafting and design processes. In other words, the craft and the relation to the material is where the magic comes from. 

In this workshop we start from this collective and spiritual journey. We delve deeper into tackling the material resources and how the material itself can be a motivator of imagination. We start by allowing the participants to see materials in their raw and natural forms and where they come from. Through this process, we collect and archive the locally available materials found. Through this journey of seeing, collecting and archiving, we attempt to create a common and open source of knowledge for all potential users. It is conceived to be a collective and growing source of knowledge about the materials of the Levant based on the continuous and changing process of researching, gathering, and utilizing regional materials. 

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About Arini

Founded in 2011, Arini is a research and design office that works at the intersection of scholarly research with a focus on design activism, architectural pedagogy, and the predicaments of urbanization and the built environment in Jordan. Their research is developed using anthropological, sociological and humanitarian interdisciplinary methods and is explored through various mediums, from workshops and design and curatorial projects to publications. Arini participated with installations in previous editions of Amman Design Week, and is curating, designing, and producing the 2019 Crafts District.


Kabariti Village
Jabal Amman