fbpx Mapping “Manila Street” | Amman Design Week
6 October 2019
Event Type
20 JOD

Mapping a street involves collecting stories from parallel times, meeting different people, walking and eating. Beginning with the 2nd Circle, aka the Panadol, aka, Nahla's father's sculpture, the walk will explore the multiple cultures, foods and interventions of the street nicknamed "Manila Street". Through this experience, the aim is to piece together the fragments of a neighborhood that has been a beacon for migrating communities.

Register by emailing nahlatabbaa@gmail.com

Meeting point at 2nd Circle

Photo credit: Frying Pan Adventures

About Nahla Tabbaa

Nahla Tabbaa is a contemporary art educator, artist and culinary urban experience curator. She has taught, walked and lectured on culinary and urban narratives, mapping, institutional ethics and dilemmas in socially engaged practices and the spirit of collaboration. She works primarily for Frying Pan Adventures, Daftar Asfar and Art Jameel.