fbpx Many Ways Onward; The Possibility of Pages | Amman Design Week
8 - 9, 11 October 2019
Event Type
10 JOD

Join playful and interactive sketchbook workshops hosted by the co-founders, Nahla Tabbaa, Sarah Hatahet, and Lena Kassicieh, as well as participating artists of Daftar Asfar. You will also have the chance to browse through the current Daftars.

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About Daftar Asfar

Daftar Asfar is a collaborative sketchbook platform which has joined the works of over 80 artists from around the world. Each artist has their own spread, and the first and last page are intersections with other artists. This opportunity has created endless possibilities and challenges - but has always aimed to set the participating artist free.

Sarah Hatahet is a Jordanian printmaker by education and an art curator by profession. Lena Kassicieh is a ceramicist, anthropologist, communications and marketing professional. Nahla Tabbaa is a contemporary art educator, artist and culinary urban experience curator.