fbpx Live Art | Amman Design Week

Join us for daily live art and sketching from 7 - 9 pm, with Suhaib Attar, Shamekh Al Bluwi, and the Atelier.

About Suhaib Attar

Suhaib Attar is quickly becoming one of Jordan's most renowned street artists, with his work appearing all over the country's walls and around the region. He will be doing live drawings throughout the week. 

About Shamekh Al Bluwi

Shamekh Al Bluwi is an architect, visual artist and fashion illustrator. Shamekh is inspired by contradictions, nature, architecture, fashion and insects. Throughout Amman Design Week, Shamekh will be illustrating with acrylics on plexiglass.

About The Atelier

The Atelier is an event planning and design agency, by Laila Delsi & Hanan Shahin, that designs experiences through designing creative spaces. 


01 Suhaib
Zain Cultural Plaza - Al Hussein Cultural Center
Ras El Ain