fbpx Jordanian Embroidery | Amman Design Week
5 - 8 October 2019
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This exhibition, in cooperation with TIRAZ: Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress, showcases work done by Jordanian women who were trained to embroider the old traditional Jordanian stitches from the Ma’an area in an effort to revive and preserve this heritage. Taking inspiration from these traditions, the women also produced embroidery with modern ideas and designs including embroidery on dresses, bags, shawls, handbags, cushions, and abayas.

About Alaydi Craft Center

Alaydi Craft Center was founded in 1979 by the Jordanian alumni of the Lebanese American University, previously, Beirut College for Women, to start a Scholarship Fund for deserving Jordanian students. The project was later transferred to a shareholding company to maintain its status and commitment towards the preservation of local heritage, enhancement of traditional crafts and support of Jordanian craftsmen and artisans through securing local and international marketing channels for their craft products.

Address: 1 Talaat Harb St., 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman
Contact: 064644555
Website: www.jordancraftcenter.com

Jordan Craft Center ALAYDI
Jabal Amman