About the Workshop

The introduction to social innovation workshop will teach participants about the importance of social entrepreneurship. Under the umbrella of DOT’s Social Innovator program – which supports youth who are interested in developing, testing and launching a sustainable social enterprise – participants will be given ideas on how to cultivate their passions into an entrepreneurial project that creates a livelihood for themselves while also having a positive impact on their community. This workshop teaches students how to recycle paper and use it to make paper bowls. Students will learn a specific recycling method whereby paper is turned into clay using different spices and natural dyes.

About Mohammad Hejjawi

Mohammad Hejjawi specializes in community development, learning and youth-related issues. He has previously worked with the Madrasati Initiative, the Princess Basma Youth Resource Center, and the International Youth Foundation on designing and executing training programs for both students and teachers in schools.

About Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) mobilizes the untapped potential of youth to solve real problems in their communities, build local economies, and become leaders of change. DOT’s network of young leaders are delivering and creating locally relevant, community-based solutions for social good and digital inclusion in East Africa, the Middle East, and Indigenous Canada. In Jordan, DOT creates Digital Creativity Labs (DCLs) that aim to provide youth with the skills needed to become the entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers of the future.

About the Mobile MakerSpace

Amman Design Week 2017’s Mobile MakerSpace travels across Jordan, engaging public school students in workshops, pop-up events and demonstration sessions revolving around crafts and making, environmental sustainability, digital fabrication and robotics.

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