fbpx Introduction to Interior Decoration | Amman Design Week
5 - 6 October 2019
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80 JOD

Participations will be working on an actual case study in a furniture store to design layouts, choose furniture and use decorative elements to create a space taking into consideration aesthetics and function. Participants will also learn how to transform residential interiors into aesthetically pleasing, personalized spaces. 

The focus will be on creating complementary color schemes, arranging furniture, selecting flooring, fabrics, finishes, and placing accessories. Participants will also apply general design theory fundamentals, such as design elements and principles, color and composition theories as well as human factors and functional considerations, like circulation and flow, that come into account when designing living spaces.

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Lara Abu Khader

After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from the American University of Beirut, Lara enriched her experience with various residential, boutique and commercial interior projects. Having worked with small and large projects, she always gives her utmost concern to minor details and perfection.

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