fbpx Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy | Amman Design Week
6, 8, 10 October 2019
Event Type
50 JOD

Learn about the story of Arabic script of Square Kufic letters and its evolution in Jordan, and practice the genuine art of Arabic Calligraphy at Elharf House. Bring a nice plant with you to get a discount.

About Elharf

Elharf is a space that embraces art, culture, and type techniques, as well as a platform that markets design products and artworks. Elharf House aims to transform the knowledge and experiences from professionals to learners through workshops, courses, lectures, and a specialized library of books and references. Elharf was founded by Hussein Alazaat in 2017 in Amman, Jordan.

Address: 4 Mohammad Shuraiqi St., Jabal Al Lweibdeh
Contact: 0770645177
Website: elharf.com

About Hussein Alazaat

Hussein Alazaat is a multidisciplinary designer and Arabic calligrapher. He believes in the power of Arabic calligraphy in modern brands and products; he also emphasizes contemporary treatment in his typographic works. Hussein is practicing his work at Elharf; an online platform and a space that embraces art, visual culture, and Arabian designed products.


Jabal Al Lweibdeh