fbpx Hyper Kite | Amman Design Week

About the Workshop

Participants will learn how to build a paper kite using 3D Printing and laser cutting.

To register for this workshop, click here. Limited spaces available. 
To cancel your registration, please email us at info@ammandesignweek.com.

About Shamal Start

Shamal Start is a program for the communities of Irbid and Mafraq, aiming to establish 90 startups and to support 60 MSMEs in the region, with the goal of developing the local economy and creating new job opportunities.

About the Mobile MakerSpace

Amman Design Week 2017’s Mobile MakerSpace travels across Jordan, engaging public school students in workshops, pop-up events and demonstration sessions revolving around crafts and making, environmental sustainability, digital fabrication and robotics. 

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Shamal Start - Fab Lab Irbid
Mobile MakerSpace
Ras El Ain