Local designer Sahar Madanat introduces audiences to her work and talks about what it means to design for people and tailor products to their specific needs. Through her work, she has learned to create emotional connections between users and products and offer tailored and empathetic solutions. She explains her design process explained using real examples of innovative and customized product designs.

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Sahar Madanat’s work focuses on innovation in product design, ranging from medical design to new concept furniture. She creates useful, sustainable, and empathetic solutions inspired by the coupling of technology with the beauty and form of the natural sciences. Madanat has won several prestigious international design competitions, and her work has been exhibited globally. Among others, these awards include the renowned Red Dot Award, IDEA, Spark Awards, and Green Dot. Based in Amman, Jordan, she has worked with regional and international clients, developing innovative and award-winning solutions. Madant’s success is a testament to her quest for creating design solutions that improve peoples’ quality of life.

  • Website: www.saharmadanat.com
  • Facebook: SaharMadanatDesign
  • Pinterest: SaharMadanat
  • Twitter: @Sahar_Madanat
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