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4 - 6 September 2016
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Independent Space

About the Workshop

This furniture design workshop focuses on understanding the different design genres, that are essential in relating the product to the proper context. Since we can characterize design ages through specific uses of languages, the global macro-trends become landmarks to understand the new creations for our spaces, furniture and accessories: the upcoming scenarios have a strong and deep relation with the object feeling, perception and emotional involvement. Students will see new trends in furniture and interior design, with a practical outcome that will help them develop a personal design language conforming to a specific design typology.

During the session they will be led through the right use of materials and technologies, defining a deep relation between the product, the environment and the cultural behavior. The final project will consist of a new furniture piece for interior use.

English / 320 JOD regular fee. 260 JOD early registration available until 31 July, 2016.

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About Filippo Protasoni

Filippo Protasoni studied in Italy and Norway, graduating from Politecnico di Milano. During his university years, he delved into product and interior design, developing a distinctive methodology that he has applied to a variety of projects at different scales. Protasoni opened his own practice in Milan in 2009. He focuses on creating products for furniture and lighting industries, retail and commercial spaces and exhibitions, as well as limited edition items. He has designed for important Italian brands, such as Lago, Prandina, Miniforms, Sintesi and Mirabello.

About Design Institute Amman

Design Institute Amman is a Jordanian institute created to upgrade the design capabilities of regional professionals and to enhance the competitiveness of regional businesses through design. It provides a studied and formal link to the best designers and design institutes in the world, enabling it to provide the most relevant design knowledge and experience to meet the needs of regional companies who wish to compete and differentiate themselves on a global scale. The Institute works with international partner organizations to craft and deliver appropriate design training material, and have also developed relationships with local and regional designers and design instructors who can offer regional flavor and experience to design. Courses are designed to help professionals advance their skills and develop new exciting career options.

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Adw Innernew Diafur
Workshop by Filippo Protasoni, facilitated by Design Institute Amman
Design Institute Amman
Jabal Amman