fbpx Featherlight Jewelry: Loom Weaving Workshop | Amman Design Week
7 October 2017
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About the Workshop

This accessories making workshop introduces participants to the traditional art of loom weaving. Mastered by Bedouins for hundreds of years, loom weaving is a craft used by tribes to make beautiful functional and decorative pieces. Each Bedouin tribe has its own tradition in the designs used; each pattern on a rug or tapestry tells unique story belonging to that tribe. Participants in the workshops will apply similar weaving techniques to make their own unique beaded bracelet. A modern take on an old tradition, this workshop aims to keep the tradition of loom weaving alive.

To register for this workshop, click here. Limited spaces available. 
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About Featherlight Jewellery

Featherlight Jewelry is a design-driven brand of boho-chic, handcrafted items that are affordable, luxe and beautiful. Featherlight is handmade in Jordan, and yet evoke a sense of movement between place and time. The pieces are an exploration of color, material and craftsmanship that began with one handmade bracelet and has grown to a full line of bangles, necklaces, hats and more. 

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Nisreen Pharoun
Ras El Ain Gallery
Ras El Ain