fbpx Fabrics Digital Tissues | Amman Design Week
4 - 8 October 2019
Event Type
300 JOD

Facilitated by Nodes Design and Alessandro Zomparelli

This three-day workshop teaches the basics of using Blender 2.80, the last release of the powerful open-source software for 3D modeling and animation. In Biology, tissues are organizations of similar cells that are composed of organs and living organisms. Due to the specific qualities of singles cells, some peculiar functions of the tissue emerge; conditioning its effectiveness and determining its contribution to the life of the organism. The same biological principles can be applied to any design: when the designer explores these particular parametric strategies, it is important to work with a tool that provides efficient feedback and allows one to easily introduce a wide range of variations leading to significant qualities for a design evolutionary process.

About Nodes Design

Nodes is a community of designers and architects from all around the globe that work together to share their ideas and knowledge by hosting workshops and events. Nodes have previously collaborated with architectural platforms, fablabs, and design studios to host the best types of workshops to suit designers' needs. 


German Jordanian University SABE
Jabal Amman