About the Talk

The concept of sustainability is taking greater significance in today's society. Consumers are increasingly responsible, laws are getting stricter, and resources are becoming rarer and more expensive. Without a doubt, there is a lot to be done and said regarding sustainability in the fashion world, which affects every stage of the product's life cycle; from design, material sourcing, and production, to logistics, use, and end of life. A holistic view on sustainability is key to understanding the future of fashion, and to thus be able to produce fashion with a future.

About Caterina Filice 

Caterina Filice is an Italian designer who has worked in set costume and textile design. As a fashion designer, she has created collections for both men and women for Italian and international high-end and casual brands. Now Caterina is focused on projects that combine fashion and sustainability. Recently, she worked as a consultant for the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO) on the project “Creative Mediterranean: Creativity through Resilience” based in Jordan. Under her direction and in collaboration with local fashion designers and manufacturing companies, the first womenswear brand entirely designed and made in Jordan for international markets was launched. JO! By Creative Jordan will be sold for spring/summer 2018.

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