fbpx Drop by; drink, daze and dream. | Amman Design Week
6 October 2019
Event Type
Open House

abno will open its doors inviting audiences to their design studio in one of the oldest buildings in Jabal Al Lweibdeh, which has been the base for abno since 2011. The audience will explore the theme of possibilities through wall projections of abno's work created to date. Tea and cookies will also be served at the balcony, enjoyed with a smoke machine, good tunes and design chats.

About abnodesigns

abnodesigns is a creative studio based in Amman, Jordan. Founded by design duo Abeer Zoumot and Noor Issa, the full-service studio specializes in strategy, design, and execution across all mediums. The studio is best known for branding and advertising design, art direction, online communication, and festival design.

Contact: +962799955220
Website: www.abnodesigns.com

Jabal Al Lweibdeh