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Using the example of the redesign of the Canadian and Indigenous galleries at the National Gallery of Canada, this talk by Junia Elli Jorgji shares lessons about how design can be used for inclusivity, social awareness, and accessibility to a broad and diverse global audience. Being the largest arts institution in Canada, the recent redesign of the National Gallery of Canada is the largest initiative since its move to its current building in 1988. The talk highlights the complexities, challenges, and successes of this cross-disciplinary landmark initiative. 

This talk is part of the public program running alongside the 'Intro to curating contemporary design' course, sponsored by the British Council and with the support of Careem.

About Junia Elli Jorgji

Having practiced both as an architect and as a lighting designer in Montreal‭, ‬Paris and New York and prior to joining the National Gallery of Canada to lead the design department, ‬Junia Elli Jorgji worked as an exhibition designer, ‬across all collections and departments, ‬at the Art Institute of Chicago. ‬She holds a Master of Architecture from McGill University in Montreal‭, ‬and ‬began her career at the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montreal, ‬first as an educator and then as an exhibition designer.

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