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6 - 10 October 2019
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About The Cultural Hub - Bayt Yaish / Petra National Trust

Bayt Yaish / Petra National Trust Cultural Hub serves as a hub for collaborative programs, projects, exhibitions, and educational initiatives. It provides a platform for smaller cultural projects, NGOs, students, researchers to coordinate efforts, and acts as a conduit for knowledge exchange and skill development with local and regional academics, experts and practitioners. It will become a space to enhance and spread awareness of cultural heritage, and to develop in understanding notions of identity and world heritage standards. It is a unique collection of policy, preservation, cultural and educational activities that will enrich and be enhanced by the culturally vibrant neighborhood of Jabal Al Lweibdeh.

Address: 28 Al-Shariaah College St., Jabal Al Lweibdeh
Contact: 064641037
Website: petranationaltrust.org

The Cultural Hub - Bayt Yaish / Petra National Trust
Jabal Al Lweibdeh