fbpx To contemplate a possibility | Amman Design Week
8 - 9 October 2019
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This two-day workshop engages participants in the art of contemplation and narrative building around found objects that have been abandoned. Working through a process of acceptance of the past, grief, indifference, and detachment, participants will be encouraged to explore the possibility of turning their found objects into a product or artwork.

Nour Nsheiwat

Nour Nsheiwat, founder and designer of Hunaya launched her brand after a decade of experience in interiors, architecture, film-making and product design. She focuses on one aspect of furniture that deconstructs the functions of the dining table, the display of food, and ultimately, how we eat. 

About Hunaya

Hunaya (meaning ‘to bring tales of faraway back home’) is dedicated to reclaiming unwanted and abandoned materials, giving them a new purpose and a new home. Hunaya kicked off its first collection titled Olive is the New Black, paying homage to the graces of the olive tree and the communal dining experiences of the Middle East.

Address: 4A Al Rainbow St., Jabal Amman
Contact: 0777775166
Website: www.hunaya.com

Jabal Amman