fbpx Chamber Gyld | Amman Design Week
1 - 9 September 2016
Event Type
Independent Space
Independent Space

About Chamber Gyld 

Chamber Gyld is a concept store that showcases an exciting and unique brand matrix of both trending and emerging local and regional artists and designers, making them accessible to their customers without the need for standalone stores. Chamber Gyld allows designers to collaborate with other designers under the comfort of one creative roof. Its stock mix includes avant-garde fashion, handcrafted jewelry, exquisite home-décor pieces and accessories, as well as its highly popular gift boxes, which are catered to the needs of customers during all the major celebrations of any calendar year. Chamber Gyld was named one of Marie Claire Arabia’s top 10 concept stores in the MENA region in February 2014.

  • Address: 19 Nahr Dyala Street, North Abdoun
  • Contact: 077-800-0371 or 077-770-3330
  • Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Website: www.chambergyld.com
  • Facebook: Chamber Gyld - Design House
  • Instagram: @ChamberGyldDesignHouse
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Chamber Gyld