fbpx Buildings and Stories in Jabal Amman | Amman Design Week
5 October 2019
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This walking tour of Jabal Amman conducted by artist Rana Safadi starts at the King Hussein Club and ends at Wild Jordan, taking visitors through Rainbow Street and sharing stories of people, buildings, and places from different historical periods of time.

Register by email at rana.safadi@gmail.com

Meeting Point: 7 Al-Kulliyah Al-Elmeyah Al-Islameyah St., Jabal Amman

About House of Culture - Rana's Atelier

The House of Culture for Tourism and Cultural Consultation (HOC) specializes in small, bespoke cultural and anthropological tours exposing visitors to art, design, craft, food and the socio-economic texture of Jordan. Current services include walking tours of historic Amman neighborhoods, integrating discussions on architecture, historical narratives of the city and people, and visits to galleries, artists’ ateliers and the workshops of crafts people.


Rana Safadi was born and raised in Amman. She studied art, literature and tourism in Jordan, France and Austria. She is intimately acquainted with Amman’s rich diverse cultures, contemporary geography and dynamics. With her background in the arts, Rana offers unparalleled knowledge and insight into passion for little-known treasures around the city and opens up a world of culture, art, and history.


Address: 11 Fouad Salim St., Jabal Al Lweibdeh
Contact: 0795622773