fbpx Bilingualism in Visual Communication | Amman Design Week
7 October 2017
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The value of bilingual typography and its implications are at the core interests of prominent and emerging designers in the region. Bilingualism in visual communication is becoming an imperative approach in design praxis. Diane Mikhael introduces the new publication, ‘Bilingualism in Visual Communication’, which showcases an amalgam of historical accounts, concepts and design practices in pairing the Arabic and Latin scripts. It portrays the reality of the bilingual terrain in the MENA region, the emergent bilingual audience, the approach of bilingualism in the context of visible language, and the juxtaposition of two visual systems, which are manifested through design codes to form effective communication.

About Diane Mikhael 

Diane Mikhael is an associate professor, designer, writer, curator, and co-founder of the Middle East Design Educators Association. She is completing an MFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice Studies at OCAD University, and holds an MA Degree in Design from Middlesex University and an international recognition certificate from the International Society of Typographic Designers. Diane has been a design educator for over 21 years in the Middle East and Canada. The author of ‘Bilingualism in Visual Communication’, she has lectured and published in international conferences and institutions. Passionate about cross-cultural engagements, her research combines theoretical and pragmatic examinations on design and culture.

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Book Launch: Diane Mikhael
Zain Cultural Plaza - Al Hussein Cultural Center
Ras El Ain