fbpx Bauhaus Film and Virtual Reality | Amman Design Week
6 - 9 October 2019
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On the occasion of the Bauhaus centennial, takween presents Virtual Bauhaus, an exhibition on the German school of art and design using the innovative Virtual Reality technology. Film was also a medium used by Bauhaus scholars but many experimental films have been lost. takween presents films that have been reconstructed or recently discovered, as well as recent documentaries on the Bauhaus influence worldwide.

About takween

takween is a program that aims to support designers and creative entrepreneurs in Jordan through a series of learning opportunities and community-building initiatives, initiated as a collaboration between the Goethe-Institut and platform.

Focusing on creative growth, takween offers learning modules, creative mentorship, residencies, a training of trainers program, grants and networking opportunities, as well as workspaces and facilities for designers in a creative space in Jabal Amman.

Address: 31 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm
Contact: info@platform27.org
Website: takweenjo.com

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