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7 September 2016
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About the Workshop

This workshop on social design invites participants to design opportunities for the communities in the local markets in downtown Amman. Rich in history, the markets present a unique sensory and cultural experience. Designers will find opportunities for new connections by using the creative methods, processes and tools introduced in the workshop. Designers in the social field use their creative abilities to connect existing places, people, facilities or knowledge in order to create new values. These connected solutions support the development of more networked and resilient communities. Designers are free to devise solutions as they see fit, with options ranging from newly developed products to designed services, systems, projects, campaigns or activities.

English/ Free / Seats are limited. Register here.

About Dennis Meulenbroeks

Dennis Meulenbroeks is the founder and director of T+LOCAL. As a social entrepreneur with an Industrial Design background, he researches and develops new approaches and strategies for design in the social field. Working together with a strong team of designers T+LOCAL uses design strategies to produce innovative solutions that are from a user point of view, and co-created. With over 10 years experience T+LOCAL has become a leading design organization in the social field.

  • Facebook: NE+AR@NEARdesign
  • Instagram: near_design
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