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Written by Amman Design Week on Monday, February 13, 2017
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We are in an extraordinary era defined by vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen. In a time characterized by mass migrations, interactive technology, hyper-connectivity, as well as issues of accessibility and strained mobility, design offers a driving force through which we strive for physical, mental, or emotional freedom through 'motion'.

Movement presents new opportunities through the exchange of expressions, stories, and ideas, but also introduces new challenges as we dive into an unpredictable future. Whether faced with the movement of people and goods, shifting perspectives, or the drastic fluctuations in climate, designers are constantly confronted with a world in flux. As natural problem-solvers, they carry the responsibility of anticipating and responding to the ebb and flow of change – innovating to propel us into the future, while also allowing us to slow down in appreciation of the past.

Amman Design Week embodies the active spirit of a movement – one that gains momentum with the participation of many, and serves to empower people to take control, make an impact, and rise up to challenge the status quo. With the evolution of technology, science, and crafts, designers contribute new solutions that define how communities and individuals can advance society through conscious design. Design moves life, and life moves design.

The intellectual, cultural, and commercial vitality in Jordan gives designers an exceptional point of departure to set off a series of rhythms, a new pace of life, and new attitudes. Amman Design Week 2017 celebrates the creative power that is generated when people mobilize, collaborate, communicate, and exchange knowledge, skills, and inspirations.

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