Written by Amman Design Week on Sunday, September 3, 2017

'The Craft of Making’‭ is a program that ‬pays homage to local heritage‭, ‬the importance of building a thriving creative economy‭, ‬and the enduring‭, ‬human drive to create‭ ‬things with our own hands‭. ‬

Craft work is a way to keep ourselves rooted in material reality‭, ‬supplying a balance in a world which increasingly places value‭ ‬on mental facility and technological advancement‭. ‬Since the industrial revolution and the consequent development of the knowledge economy‭, ‬craft work has become less valued and more marginalized‭.‬

In Jordan‭, ‬a great history of traditional crafts shaped economies‭, ‬heritage and storytelling‭, ‬and satisfied a need for meaningful handmade work‭.‬

We invite visitors to experience the blending of heritage‭, ‬design and technique of varied crafts‭, ‬highlighting many skillsets and materials that best depict our heritage and the dying techniques of our ancestors‭. ‬

This program, curated by Shermine Sawalha, is part of the 2017 Crafts District, taking place at Al Hussein Cultural Center from 6 - 14 October, 10 am - 10 pm.

Glass blowing

Mohammad Maher Alqazaz - Glass Corner

As the last glass oven in Jordan, Glass Corner is perpetually between closing its doors to the public, and reopening it for projects in support of the remaining three glass blowers in the country. During ADW, a portable glass oven will be available to display and teach the dying craft of glassblowing.

Carpet Weaving

Wado Maa'ia - Mai'ah Carpet Weaving

Wadi Maai’a is one of the few carpet weavers left in Jordan. Weaving carpets since he was six years old, Wadi learned the craft directly from his father and grandfather. He has produced thousands of carpets over the years and is constantly on the lookout for someone to teach the trade to. During ADW, Wadi will be weaving a new piece specific for the program.

Dagger Making

Zaid Mohisn - Original Handmade Daggers

The fifth generation in his family in the trade, Zaid Mohisn has been working as a dagger maker since he was nine years old. Zaid will be displaying some of his finest daggers at ADW, while showcasing the craft of making daggers, engraving and personalizing items on metal sheets and silver. He will be introducing a new line of pieces in collaboration with Shermine Sawalha.

Basket Weaving

Women from Kufranja - Princess Taghreed Foundation

One of the earliest traces of basketry was found in the Middle East and dates back from Pre-Pottery Neolithic era. Basketry and basket weaving is still one of the widest spread crafts in the history of human civilization and still practiced around the globe until this very day. In Jordan, basket weaving is still practiced among women in villages and rural communities. During ADW, the women of Kufranja will be displaying the wide variety of native designs, teaching the craft to the public, and introduce the new modern line.


Hilal Al Ashhab, Mahmoud Ghafeer - Jordan Jewel For Art and Mosaic

One of the most intricate crafts in the Levant that embodies design, craftsmanship and technique is the craft of Arabesque Furniture. The detailed woodwork, carving, and inlays of the mother of pearl is in itself a craft. During ADW, a team of craftsmen will be hosting workshops focused on the technique behind the creation of these masterpieces, while displaying a new line of products designed by Amani Qadomi.


Pure Felt: Women from Ghor Fefa - Princess Taghreed Foundation

This project is in collaboration with Pure Felt Switzerland under the supervision of the Swiss designer Diane Harpez. The aim of this project is to revive the wool and felt industry and to provide jobs for the underprivileged in poor areas. 


Handicapped artisans from Madaba - Jordan Jewel For Art and Mosaic

The ancient craft of mosaics narrate Jordan's history and methodology with the assemblage of millions of colored natural stones. During ADW, the artisans will be displaying and teaching the audience different techniques, methods of conservation and restoration of ancient mosaics, as well as traditional and modern methods of mosaic production. Designer Amani Qadomi will be collaborating with artisans from Madaba to create a modern line of mosaic based household items.

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