Written by Amman Design Week on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

These designers at the Hangar Exhibition during Amman Design Week 2017 are bringing sustainability to furniture design through the use of reclaimed materials.

Basel Naouri uses reclaimed wood and steel to create this furniture collection, titled 432 HZ Furniture Collection

The materials were purposely left in their original rugged condition to maintain the integrity of the materials’ character and highlight the process each of them underwent before reaching their final polished state. 

As one of Ammar Kalo's three pieces at the Hangar Exhibition this year, Macaron Seats explore the softness of recycled rubber crumbs, and their compressibility and ability to bond with other recycled materials such as wood chips, in order to redefine the relationship between soft and hard surfaces within a chair.

Each Macaron seat is made by pressing a two-part mold onto a pre-made wood frame. Their main visual characteristics are the chamfered smooth surfaces, rounded off edges, and their distinct fuzzy centerline. Also, mixed in with the rubber crumbs are wood shavings created from the wooden legs fabrication process, giving the rubber seats a contrasting speckled organic look.

Rula Yaghmour explores the use of repurposed construction materials. Kutleh (Arabic: block) is an attempt to design a new medium, a new 'stone block', from the surplus and waste of the stone industry and construction projects. The first adaptations of these materials are ‘Chair’ and ‘Light Fixtures’.

Chair is inspired by the concrete experiments of Roni Horn's chair, this hyperbolic prototype is carved out of the 'block', assembled from reclaimed tiles of stone, marble and granite slabs.

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