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Written by Amer El-Mousa on Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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​Inspired by the multitude of local talent in graphic design, our branding team has crafted a logo that encourages the participation of everyone; 4 of which have been chosen for consistency purposes, including works by Dina Fawakhiri, Lutfi Zayed, Hussein Al Azaat and Diala Hamdallah.

Design is for Everyone!

Inspired by the multitude of local talent in graphic design, Amman Design Week’s branding team has crafted a logo that encourages the participation of everyone.

The talented brand duo from ‘Eyen’, Omar Al-Zo’bi and Yousef Abedrabbo, created the framework for a logo capable of engaging a number of designers around the city, inviting them to reimagine the brand by adding their personal touch.

The Amman Design Week logo begins with one’s earliest interactions with design; the modular. The team began by dissecting the Arabic word for ‘Amman’, and created the basis of the logo by abstracting the letter-forms that make up the word. The resulting four blocks represent each of the respective letters and make up the core shapes that act as a canvas for imagination and as grounds for self-expression.

Given only 48 hours, graphic designers and design students around the city were invited to include their different scripts of ‘Amman’ in the logo, each using the style they felt best represented the city and Amman Design Week. Rich bodies of work had been produced, from which four final variations have been selected.

Dina Fawakhiri

Dina Fawakhiri’s script reflects the funny contradictions that define Amman; the predictable uniform beige houses and the random trees in unexpected places, the super serious faces that make the best memes, and all the rules that are never followed.

Lutfi Zayed

Lutfi Zayed’s work is the embodiment of the fluidity he finds in the city.


Hussein Alazaat’s option demonstrates the energetic city that always surprises you; a young and funky city that is a hub for many disconnected elements, coming together to form what we know as Amman.


Diala Hamdallah adopts the Diwani script; an age-old classic that is unassuming. She find in it a resemblance to Amman, being traditional but dynamic, and embellished yet beautiful. 

The contemporary approach of juxtaposing the modern geometry of the shapes with romanticized calligraphy has been adopted for the main logo iteration for Amman Design Week.