Written by Lena Kassicieh on Monday, September 18, 2017
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Design delivers immense impact on a book’s appeal, shaping and defining the user's experience with the information and content. On display at the Hangar Exhibition, these designers created book and magazine designs that reveal a variety of topics, information and design styles. 

Exhibited at the Hangar is Studio Safar's signature publication 'Journal Safar', a graphic design and visual culture publication. It is an annual and bilingual (English and Arabic) print, collecting contributions from designers, thinkers, and artists around a chosen theme. 

Diary of a Leap Year (2017) is an artist book by Rabih Mroué, published by Kaph books, and designed by Studio Safar's creative directors Hatem Imam and Maya Moumne.

Finally, also on display is Lost Strange Things: On Not Finding Home (2014), photography monograph of Tanya Traboulsi designed by Studio Safar. It is a personal journey through photography, on Tanya's search for representations of home.

Studio Safar is a Beirut-based design and art direction agency whose projects span different media and design frameworks such as publications, visual identities, exhibitions and sets, packaging, album artwork, and websites. Studio Safar works with a network of creative people from a variety of fields including film, literature, music, illustration, fashion, and photography.

FB: Studio Safar | IG: @studiosafarstudiosafar.com

Designed by eyen design, the Cairobserver Brownbook Magazine Insert features a curated set of editorial features that fell on the banks of the Nile. The publication’s design derived inspiration from the Nile and its representation in visual communication. The 'graphic rivers' were based on an abstraction of the river waves found in an old Nile Hilton ad.   

       With the support of Mohamed Shahed and fonts developed by Abdulsamie Salem for Abdo Fonts.

'Arous El Neel' or the Bride of the Nile that crowned the publication is an amalgam of hieroglyphs of the Ancient Egyptian goddess and a generalized representation of the modern Egyptian bride or 'arous'. In a play of how the Nile conceals yet also reveals, the index was featured right on the cover.

From Jordan, eyen design is a design collective in Amman that aims to congregate a network of designers and creative thinkers from different disciplines. eyen functions in graphic design, backed with strategic frameworks, with experience in branding, visual and corporate identities, arabic type, illustration and user experiences.

FB: eyen.design | eyen.design 

Salua Qidan designed the layout of Jerusalem, Palestine & Jordan, a book by Dr. Hisham Khatib. A collector and history enthusiast, Dr. Hisham Khatib has spent the last 40 years building an archive of paintings, prints, maps, books, photographs, and postcards of Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan during the Ottoman period (1517-1917). 

Salua Qidan is a creative director with a strong background in cultural design and an academic background in architecture. Her experience includes the research, conception, design and delivery of cultural publications, exhibition and events. She is currently the artistic director of TIRAZ - Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress. 

Designer Mohammad Assaf created a book telling the story of Amman, its hills and its people, visually told through the photography of 32 contemporary photographers and sources, juxtaposed with a diverse collection of historical photographs. This book was commissioned by the Greater Amman Municipality as a gift item for its official visitors.

Mohammad Assaf is graphic designer who is fascinated by the intersection of art and design. Since his design career began in 2003, Mohammad has gravitated towards branding, web design, space branding and value design-based projects that have cultural, intellectual, and physical impact. Throughout the years, Mohammad also been involved in experimentation and entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of cross-cultural and urban projects.


This book prototype – created by Abdulaziz Dhabban – uses visual design as a communication medium for the 7th grade official Jordanian mathematics curricula. The project resulted from thorough research, studying design as an educational element, and an investigation into the design process of creating these books at the Ministry of Education.

Abdulaziz Dhabban is a Palestinian visual communication designer born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and a graduate of the German Jordanian University.

 IG: @abdulaziz.dhabbanbehance.net/AbdulazizDhabban