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Written by Lena Kassicieh on Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Hashem Joucka Sand 3D Printing

In Amman Design Week’s pilot year, the MakerSpace — which was located next to the Jordan Museum — served as a gathering space and workshop for visitors, designers, students, gamers, tech-enthusiasts and anyone generally interested in what design can do. The space offered a collaborative learning experience through raw materials, tools, technology and design instruments, and called for interaction from all visitors.

Eureka Tech Academy

This year, inspired by the theme of movement, Amman Design Week 2017’s MakerSpace is going mobile. As part of Amman Design Week’s Community Outreach Program, the Mobile MakerSpace program will take to the streets, making design and learning opportunities accessible for people of all ages. Children will have the chance to learn the basics of making, see the impact innovative and entrepreneurial projects can make, and be exposed to technologies and craft.

Petra: The Immersive Experience by Mixed Dimensions, ADW MakerSpace 2016The program will kick off in September in Irbid, and will visit several governorates before stationing in Amman for the launch of Amman Design Week 2017, from 6 - 14 October 2017.

Workshops this year will include:

Mixed Dimensions - Workshop on 3D printing

3D Printers

Waragami -  Learn about origami materials, in addition to recycled materials like newspapers and magazines, and how to create shapes and designs using those and original Origami paper.

Waragami Workshop

Zikra Initiative - Learn how to make folk instruments from local resources at a minimal cost, and how to play local wind instruments (Shababnah and Ney).

CMNT Design- Learn about the characteristics of concrete and creatively reusing unwanted or useless items to produce useful and environmentally friendly home accessories.

CMNT Tic Tac Toe

Khordda - Learn how to reuse plastic waste materials to create different artworks, like simple musical instruments and toys.

Fused plastic bags by Khordda

Makerpot - Intro to Robotics with the Humanoid Robot NAO, and practical training on educational robot kits with scratch programming.

Eureka Tech Academy - See prototypes of various tech projects and the students’ process.

Amal Madanat - Learn about waste and its impact on our planet, and about the importance of recycling and using waste bins.

Iraq el Amir - Learn to make ceramic products using molds.