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5 April 2018
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Donna Loveday will be holding a public talk where she will provide an introduction to curating contemporary design with a special focus on curating fashion. In the 21st century the curation of fashion has undergone a tremendous cultural shift. Monographic exhibitions of contemporary fashion designers and brands have attracted huge audiences at museums worldwide. The popularity of fashion exhibitions has inspired the emergence of new venues dedicated to fashion, created new curatorial roles and transformed the practice of the fashion curator. Drawing on her own professional experience, Donna Loveday will explore the development of fashion curating, its theories and methods. She will explore the key areas of fashion curating to cover the importance of curatorial research, developing a clear concept and narrative structure, working with exhibition and graphic designers, the role of interpretation, and discuss the opportunities and challenges of working with designers and brands.


About Donna Loveday

Donna Loveday is an independent design curator‭, ‬writer‭, ‬and course leader for MA Curating Contemporary Design at the Design Museum‭, ‬London‭, ‬run in partnership with Kingston University‭. ‬In her former roles as Head of Exhibitions and Head of Curatorial at the Design Museum‭, ‬she was responsible for delivering the exhibitions program‭, ‬directing the curatorial team‭, ‬curating high profile exhibitions‭, ‬managing the Design Museum collection and leading an international touring program‭. ‬Working as part of the museum’s senior leadership team‭, ‬she contributed to strategic committees and to content and programming groups‭. ‬In 2001‭, ‬Donna helped to establish the Design Museum’s first postgraduate program‭, ‬Curating Contemporary Design‭, ‬which she continues to lead for the museum‭. ‬She is also in the final year of study for a PhD by Practice at Kingston University exploring the development of curating contemporary design as discourse and practice‭.‬

This talk is part of the public program running alongside our course "Intro to Curating Contemporary Design in the Middle East", sponsored by the British Council and with the support of Careem.
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