fbpx Al Burgan Handicrafts | Amman Design Week
1, 3 - 8 September 2016
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Independent Space
Independent Space

About Al Burgan Handicrafts

Al Burgan Handicrafts was established in 1989 as a family business specialized in designing, developing and contemporizing traditional Jordanian crafts. Al Burgan products feature colorful fabrics, threads and trimmings to produce top-quality, unique handmade items that combine originality, intricate needlework, and local sewing skills. They are designed by Al Burgan's Creative Director, Lina Lama Burgan, whose passion for art and fashion, particularly involving traditional Arabic designs, allows her to create a stunning array of products, from simple key rings through to high fashion dresses, gowns, and kaftans. The products are hand-made and employ the participation and skills of local women.

  • Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday, 9:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Phone number: 06-465-2585
  • Website: www.alburgan.com
  • Facebook: AlBurgan Handicrafts
  • Instagram: @alburganjo
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Al Burgan Handicrafts
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